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DAYS INDOORS is an up and coming new Pop Rock band from the UK, made up of long-time collaborator Joe Killington on vocals and Jean-Marc Valat (aka JM) on drums, as well as Gonçalo Charneca (aka Gonzo) on guitars, Mathew D. Seal on bass and Mark Barron on keys and piano.


When Joe (established singer, song writer for Notting Hill Music Publishing) and JM (Drummer, Song writer & Producer at UpRawr) got together to collaborate on various musical projects, it became clear that there was an obvious synergy and connection in their song writing style that would shape the DAYS INDOORS’ sound.


Early 2018, with a bag full of tunes, they decided to go from “indoors” to outdoors and take their music to the next stage. Having met Gonzo in a music session and played him a few tracks, it looked like DAYS INDOORS had found his guitarist. Gonzo was quick to get Mat, bassist, involved to complete the 4 piece. Together, they would release two full length albums Dusty Road and Two Feet Under. With a new member on board, Mark on keys, the band has finished working on its latest project, a new EP called Tales of Shade & Colour that will be released in Spring 2021.

1st single For You was released on 30th October 2020 and 2nd single Silent Criers on 3rd December 2020 from the forthcoming EP “Tales of Shade & Colour” (Spring 2021).

Joe, JM, Gonzo, Mat and Mark are influenced by bands like Athlete, Stereophonics, Band of Horses, Lower Than Atlantis, Feeder, The Killers, Foo Fighters, Lifehouse, GhostPoet, Incubus, Radiohead and Doves, among many others, their inspirations taken from the unexpected beauty that everyday experience sometimes brings. From heartbreak to idealism, the songs speak of real experiences and touch deep inside the heart.

"... Days Indoors is easy to listen to. This isn’t to suggest that Days Indoors, and their new album don’t rock....." Angry Baby

"... this song is a fantastic pop rock song by London based band Days Indoors. The song is off their latest album. It is a feel-good anthem that will fill the listener with a sense of euphoria...." Ray Sang / IndustryMe

"...I love this and will play on my live show..." Stephen and Anne / EGH Radio

"...this tune starts a purge of power chords that takes the listener on an impending trip through Killington’s sweet and telling vocals. The lyrics are evocative and the music is bright and tender. Charneca’s guitar sound is crisp and up-tempo that supplement Seal’s pounding bass line that doesn’t miss a beat in tandem with Valat’s neat drumming..." Anselm / RockStarPoet

"...Days indooors are such a great band and the lead singer's vocals are just incredible.." Patricia Hodgins / Scottish New Music Chart

"...Being a rock song, it has an inherent edge to it. With that being said there is something about it that feels incredibly polished and put together..." Ray Sang / Industry Me

"...Days Indoors have created their own sound here.  This is a very catchy single that would go down well on the radio or played live.  I can see myself belting this one out as I drive along if it came on the radio..." Sam / Spin Sunday Music Reviews

"...Days Indoors are a band I can’t wait to hear more from and will, 100%, be attending their next tour, not only for Moshville Times but for myself too." Amy / The Moshville Times


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Joe Killington (VOX)

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